AAFB Infrastructure EIS


Documents Icon.png Documents related to the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for Infrastructure Upgrades at Andersen Air Force Base (AFB), Guam, including all public scoping materials, are available here for downloading or online browsing. 


Public Scoping Material

Materials that were developed as part of the public scoping period are provided below. Public scoping ended on May 30, 2021.

All Public Scoping Materials - Booklet

A booklet of all materials generated as part of public scoping is available for review.

Public Scoping Materials Booklet

The Notice of Intent and Public Scoping Meeting 

The Notice of Intent to prepare an EIS was published in the Federal Register.

Notice of Intent

Newspaper Notices

Newspaper notices announcing the scoping period and remote scoping meeting were published in local newspapers. An example notice is provided below.

Newspaper Notice

Scoping Presentation

Presentation providing more detailed information about NEPA, scoping, the Proposed Action, alternatives review, impacts analysis, and how to provide comments.

Scoping Presentation

Information Sheet

An information sheet about the Infrastructure Upgrades is available below.

Information Sheet (English)

Information Sheet (CHamoru)

Meeting Posters

Meeting posters with additional information about the proposed Infrastructure Upgrades are available for review.

Scoping Posters

Written Comment Card

A downloadbale comment form is available for print and mailing. See further information and instructions on the Provide Comments page of this website. 

Written Comment Form